As of last November, Cardi B had 13 known tattoos, according to Popsugar. While some of the rapper’s designs are dedicated to her two children, including a face tattoo of Wave’s name, the cryptic nature of her other tattoos might have casual fans wondering why she got them.

She has two massive designs on her body. The first is her most recent: a giant stream of flowers and butterflies that goes from her thigh to her upper back. Cardi got this one done, at least when it was revealed, around May 2020, courtesy of Jamie Schene.

Schene also reportedly touched up the second of Cardi’s giant tattoos, as she has a large peacock on her other leg and hip. The original piece was tattoed in 2010 before Cardi decided to add more colorful feathers and a butterfly addition — just to match her other leg.

“So after ten years I gave my peacock tattoo a makeover. This whole week I been takin hours of pain getting tatted,” Cardi previously captioned a photo of her touch-up. After a decade, the update made the tattoo a lot more vibrant than it originally had been.

As for the meaning of Cardi’s peacock tattoo, the Bronx rapper has never confirmed exactly why she got it — compared to other names tattooed on her that are more straightforward in meaning. However, considering the colorful nature, it simply might just be a representation of her fun and energetic personality.

Check out the photo of the tattoo above.

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