Alabama rapper Chika was hospitalized as a result of kidney failure, resulting in two separate trips to the ICU. On Sunday (July 9), she posted a set of photos from her hospital room, writing, “Been in the ICU twice in the past month and it’s so friggin boring that i have resorted to taking prison photos. enjoy. album in a couple- a weekz.” It’s good to see she’s keeping her sense of humor despite the circumstances.

She elaborated on her diagnosis in the comments section after some less-than-friendly commenters made references to her prior suicide attempt. “You know you can spend 3 days in ICU and then get moved to the regular floor right?” she wrote. “Please shut the f*ck up, i had kidney failure.”

The rapper has had something of a rough road, despite her successes. Although she received some Grammy attention early in her career, leading to work with the likes of Stevie Wonder, she also ran afoul of one of the most belligerent fanbases in music and proved to be particularly vulnerable to their particular brand of needling.

This has led to a wider reputation as a somewhat volatile personality, although Chika refuses to tone herself down. Her struggles could prove to be worth it soon enough, though; her debut album Samson is due on 7/28 via Warner Records.

Chika is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.