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Actor and producer Donald Glover tried his best to walk away from his music persona Childish Gambino, but there’s still work to be done. The triple threat hinted that a new project was on the way during his appearance on Kimmel, but fans were in for a treat that new music was just the tip of the creative iceberg. In addition to the new music, Gambino released a new Amazon Prime Video series, Swarm, starring Chlöe and Dominique Fishback.

As with any great film or series, an original soundtrack is necessary, and Gambino released a full EP to accompany Swarm.

Childish Gambino and KIRBY lend their voices to singer Ni’Jah’s track “Sticky,” which serves as the lead single from the soundtrack. Heard in the series trailer, “Sticky” immaculately lays out the plot of a woman sick obsession with a pop star. Co-produced by Dylan Wiggins and Michael Uzowuru, the song is eerie in all of the same ways the series is.

The second verse of the song drives home the level of discomfort Cambino wants you to feel as you dive into this piece, as he and KIRBY sings, “I got a gun, I got the strap, I got the door locked / I gotta run, they in the back, “Hello” and the door knock / Lock on the car ‘Beep, beep’ / Blood on the bar, leak, leak / Cops finna come, sweet, sweet / Hoe, I look good, tweet, tweet / Hope I don’t get no blood on top of my weave / Ain’t got no beatin’, they ain’t no apostrophes /And I got my mask on (Hey) / Still twerk *ss to sad songs / Gotta keep the joy alive.”

Listen to the full track above and the full EP below. Swarm premieres today (March 17) on Prime Video.

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