Childish Gambino: ‘Community’ Movie Announced Without The Rapper — For Now

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Childish Gambino‘s first major stage acting as an actor was the sitcom Community is being selected for a film. However, as of right now the actor is not part of the new project.

The first time it was spoken in the second season of the series, which initially was telecast on NBC in the year 2000, the phrase “six seasons and a movie” was a popular joke, often being incorporated into the dialogue of the show; and was a dream of fans that could be realized.

The following day (September 30), Peacock and Sony Pictures TV confirmed that the Communitymovie has been granted the greenlight but without revealing the date when it would be available on NBC’s other streaming platform.

In the words of The magazine this announcement confirms the creator of the series Dan Harmon as executive producer and returning the bulk of the show’s cast which is led by Joel McHale as Jeff Winger. However, the only notable absences from the cast is Chevy Chase who was removed from the show during season five; as well as Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown, who neither returned for the final season of the show, which was the sixth season.

In a report on the announcement, Deadline speculated that Brown and Glover could not make a return appearance in the film. The film’s star, however, Childish Gambino returned to the character in the role of Troy Barnes as recently as 2020, when the entire cast in Community got together to participate in the first time for a virtual table reading as part of the COVID-19 relief effort that helped Frontline Foods and Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen.

In the past, as well as his former castmates stated that they were willing to consider filming a movie. In addition, the Atlanta Creator also expressed his appreciation for the community in the virtual gathering.

“Watching it now, I’m like, ‘Oh, this show’s really punk,'” He stated. “Really subversive, and like the kind of punk. We enjoyed ourselves so much and I’m thinking “I’d like to see this show over and over again just like it was fresh.'”

Since his departure from Community at the end of 2014 Childish Gambino is famous for his screen work as he is to be known as a musician. Alongside being known for his Emmy Award winning work on Atlanta and the upcoming film, he played Simba in the live-action adaptation of The Lion King; offered an original interpretation of Lando Carlissian as who was the Star Wars character made famous by Billy Dee Williams; and performed a role as a supporting character in blockbusters such as Magic Mike XXL and Spiderman: Homecoming.

Gunna Makes Surprise Cameo In Latest Episode Of ‘Atlanta’

In addition to the last season of Atlanta the year also seen Donald Glover working on a new TV adaptation of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, for which the actor will again take on the roles of actor, executive producer, and writer. The show has been in development since 2021, and is scheduled to premiere in the year 2021, but the exact date of its premiere is not yet set.

In the past week the earlier this week, singer Chloe Bailey also told Distractify that she’s working on a secret , episodic project in collaboration with Glover and will include appearances from Damson Idris, Dominique Fishback.

“I do not want to give the item away. However, it is definitely astonishing,” she said. “I’ve always been impressed by Donald Glover. Being able to work on the project with him, and him being the director of the show It was amazing. It was also fun to be able to pick his thoughts as a musician as there’s music in the episode. It was quite amazing to be able to do that.”

In regards to Glover’s own songs, early in the year Glover said he was been working in the studio and did not say when fans could expect another installment of the previous Childish Gambino project, which was 2020’s 3.15.20.

“I’m creating a lot of music. I love the thing,” he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live!“I’ve made a number of them. It’s really about what I can do with it now.”

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