Carnival is a worldwide tradition going back hundreds of years involving music, parades, and revealing costumes, called mas (short for masquerade). And if there’s one star who loves revealing costumes, it’s Chloe Bailey. The In Pieces singer recently attended the celebration in St. Lucia (her godmother’s home country) and shared her cheeky mas costume online. Like many costumes, it’s an elaborate display of feathers, beads, and jewelry — in this case, the feathers are orange, violet, and magenta — arranged on a skimpy swimsuit with a huge headdress to match. I think Chlöe’s swimsuit here is technically a one piece, although that piece leaves very little to the imagination.

Chlöe is currently between legs of the North American tour for debut album In Pieces. The first leg of the tour wrapped up in May and she’s apparently taking a little break before the second leg of the tour begins in August with her performance at Sol Blume Festival. During the tour, she reunited with her sister Halle Bailey to perform songs from their album Ungodly Hour for the first time since Halle began filming The Little Mermaid. Halle recently teased that the sisters were “not finished making music together,” suggesting that now that the press for The Little Mermaid is winding down, they might reunite for a follow-up to Ungodly Hour.