Chrisean Rock Vents After Catching Blueface Cheating on Her Again

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It looks like Blueface‘s relationship with Chrisean Rock is on the rocks again. Rock revealed last night that she almost got locked up after catching Blueface cheating on her again.

On Saturday (Oct. 1), Chrisean Rock jumped on Instagram Live and said that she almost went to jail after having a heated argument with Blueface for his cheating ways. Apparently, Rock took his phone and started answering his calls while on IG Live to see if any girls would call.

“I almost went to jail, yo. I swear to God,” she said while sitting in a restaurant with friends. “I broke everything in my hotel room in front of that nigga [Blueface].

“I broke the TV, the window,” she continued. “He had to run from that hotel to another.”

Rock believes the “Thotiana” rapper is still messing with Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of his two children, and another woman, possibly a groupie he’s familiar with.

While on IG Live, Blueface’s mother Karlissa Saffold called the phone and asked Rock if her son was okay. The two exchange pleasantries with Rock joking that she’s holding her son captive. She also mistakenly revealed the face of Jaidyn’s newborn on IG Live.

At one point, Rock cries and says “she’s hurting inside” after catching Blueface cheating on her.

It didn’t stop there. Blueface eventually called his phone from his hotel room and proceeded to argue with her about stealing his phone. After he hanged up on her, Rock then compared herself to Jesus and Blueface-whose real name is Johnathan Porter-John in the Bible.

Meanwhile, Blueface‘s mom hopped on her Instagram Live to revealed when Rock mistakenly shared a photo of Jaidyn’s newborn on IG Live that was the first time she has seen her granddaughter. Additionally, Jaidyn sent some shots to Rock as well.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface continue to court drama in their lives.

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