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During Ashley Graham’s awkward red carpet interview with Hugh Grant, she made at least one good point: The Vanity Fair Oscars party is definitely where Hollywood’s A-list goes to cut loose. At this year’s soiree, Seth Rogen smoked with Megan Thee Stallion, who confirmed her new album, and Pedro Pascal was floored at the possibility that he’d just gotten a glimpse of Rihanna.

Ciara also let it all hang out, both literally and figuratively, donning a backless, completely transparent fishnet dress. In fact, her gloved hands got the most coverage of anything on her body, save for nude pasties and a black thong covering her “goodies” (see what I did there). For what it’s worth, she was completely on-theme, as most of the Vanity Fair attendees showed up in sheer ensembles in homage to “barely there” old Hollywood glam.

Well, it didn’t take long for some segments of the online peanut gallery to zero in on Ciara, who is a lightning rod for people’s projections and petty criticisms. Some said she was dressed inappropriately as a married woman — which makes so little sense, I won’t even bother addressing how dumb it sounds — while others said she was presenting a bad role model (at a party where no kids were present).

Ciara herself, though, was unfazed by the nonsensical critiques and had the perfect clapback over on TikTok. In a video captioned “selective outrage,” she strolled through her living room clad in a bedsheet covering her entire body backed by the sounds of red carpet photographers. A sarcastic title card reads, “POV: How I’m pulling up to Vanity Fair next year.” The obvious implication is, of course, that she will not actually be doing that and will keep doing her while (some) dudes on the internet stay mad. Good for her. Check out her response below.

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