Grammy Award-winning artist Ciara, known for her unique blend of catchy R&B pop dance music, has recently released her latest EP, CiCi. The EP features a mix of ballads like “Forever” featuring Lil Baby, and tracks such as the Jersey Club-influenced “BRB.” However, this range of music has attracted some negative attention from online trolls.

Ciara is no stranger to addressing online criticism. When one social media user claimed that she was only producing music to cater to a specific social media app, Ciara had a clever response. The user commented on a rehearsal clip soundtracked by Ciara’s song “BRB,” stating, “She making Tik Tok music at this point.” To which Ciara responded, “And…you’re watching…:) taking time to comment. Gotta love it #CiCi EP.”

Ciara’s fans applauded her for standing up to the troll. One fan expressed their support saying, “THANK YOU FOR LETTING #CiCi OUT ON THESE HOES! SHUT ‘EM UP, FAVE!!!!!!!! #CiCi outside fr! lmaoooooo YES.” In response, Ciara called out the initial users for trying to undermine another woman when their job is to support them both physically and mentally.

Another fan pointed out that the critics just want attention, saying, “They wanna be noticed so badly. They screamed the same thing with ‘Level Up,'” referring to her 2019 Jersey Club track.

Ciara’s latest EP, CiCi, is now available via Beauty Marked Entertainer, Inc. More information can be found here.