Apparently, Coi Leray has changed her view on her name-dropping policy within your music. In April, Latto mentioned Coi in her song “Put It On Da Floor.” After getting wind of the track, Coi took to social media to unleash a string of firey posts commending Latto’s actions. Latto cleared the air during her Coachella appearance, declaring that she wasn’t taking aim at Coi but rather showing her love. Eventually, Coi admitted that she overreacted, officially ending the short-lived feud.

Now that their short-lived feud is over, Coi took a page from her fellow entertainer’s book by incorporating Latto’s name in her upcoming song. In an Instagram video captioned, “Rager Girl Activated,” Coi lip-synced to the record while in the studio.

“Yeah, I’m on they ass / Hop up on that couch and roll a Latto out the bag / I don’t need a stylist they don’t f*ck with Coi Leray / Tried to count me out, but now I’m big as Trippie Redd,” rapped Coi. The line references Latto’s stanza in “Put It On Da Floor,” when she said, “Smokin’ on that gas, blunt big as Coi Leray.”

Coi did put out a call to her fellow emcees to join together for one massive all-women mega track. Maybe this is the first step to getting the ball rolling.