Coolio Recorded New Music & Dialogue For ‘Futurama’ Before His Death

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Coolio was in the process of bringing the “Kwanzaa-bot” character back for Futurama‘s coming revival on Hulu Futurama’s chief executive producer admitted.

David X. Cohen shared that he was shocked discover the rapper’s passing in the early hours of Wednesday (September 28) since the two were working in the studio for a few weeks in preparation for Coolio’s return as the actor, TMZ reports. With the rapper’s last lines as well as a few tracks recorded the show will proceed with Kwanzaa-bot’s return and dedicate the show to the memory of Coolio.

The character first appeared in the year 2001 in an episode called “A Tale Of Two Santas,” that included Chanukah Zombie as well as Santa Claus Robot as Coolio’s animated counterparts. Kwanzaa-bot was featured in the spinoff film Futurama Bender’s Huge Score which debuted in 2007, and returned for a second time after the show was taken over from Comedy Central in 2010.

Although he was most well-known by his songs, Coolio had more than 70 credits from television and film for his work as actor, as per IMDb. A large portion of those credits were comedies, particularly at the beginning of his profession. However, he also appeared as fully written characters on quite handful of movies, like The Arli$$, Charmed and Daredevil.

Coolio who also voiced characters in animation series Static Shock and Gravity Falls Also, he was scheduled to voice characters in three new films that have still to release. The only one of them, Bobcat Moretti was finished when his death.

A Grammy-nominated Compton native — well famous for hits from the ’90s like “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “Fantastic Voyage” — died due to a possible cardiovascular arrest the following the 28th of September (September 28,). He was age 59.

According to his long-time management Jarez, Coolio (real name Artis Leon Ivey , Jr.) was at an acquaintance’s home on Wednesday afternoon. He was in the bathroom but he didn’t return.

His companion was able to visit him and found Coolio lying on the floor of the bathroom. Medical personnel were summoned to the home and he was declared dead at the scene.

In the weeks after the news broke, several artists have been on Twitter to thank the rapper for his contribution in the field of Hip Hop and share personal memories. This Thursday (September 29), 50 Cent uploaded a video of Coolio reminiscing about the moment the rapper was able to see 50 take on the hecklers in an evening club.

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“It was three n-ggas talking shit,” Coolio says to Fif in the clip “and security were not going to take no action and you told them”I’ve got this. You gave your little smile and asked, ‘What do you think?! The n-gga fell like seven feet, and was lying on the ground.

“One of them tried to run,” he said, “and you grabbed him with the hoodie, and then BAM! Threw him down. The other tried to run. Boom, you’ve cleaned the nu-ga. Oh man that shit was funny as an obscene muthafucka. I was in my car, in the limousine. I told you, ‘Fif I’m cold, you’re a cold n’gga you!’ You replied”What’s up Legend. This shit was hot. I’ll never forget the sh*t.”

Coolio was age 59 at the time of his demise.

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