DaBaby Has Been Accused Of Plagiarizing His Megan Thee Stallion-Aimed Song, ‘Boogeyman,’ By A Toronto Artist

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There aren’t many who are a fan of DaBaby‘s new track, “Boogeyman.” Taken from his upcoming surprise album Baby On Baby 2, Not only does “Boogeyman” feature DaBaby who claims that he slept in bed with Megan Thee Stallion the night prior to her being believed to have been killed by Tory Lanez, but it is also believed to have been ripped off from an Toronto artist.

Songwriter and singer Layla Hendryx spoke with Rolling Stone this morning, and claimed that DaBaby has stolen parts from her song entitled “Boogeyman.”

One of the friends of Hendryx and whose Twitter account was secured, posted clips that compare the two songs.

“The whole [cadence], the whole flow for the hook is stolen from me,” Hendryx declared. “One, it was done so sheisty, and two, the fact that he used the song to basically diss another black woman while you’re stealing from another black woman is just wild to me.”

Hendryx revealed that a close friend of hers recommended her track, “Boogeyman,” to an A&R earlier in the year and believes that’s the way the song got to DaBaby. She also revealed her experiences within the industry, however she’s even more annoyed that the song is aimed at an artist.

“It’s just not something that I want to be a part of,” Hendryx stated. “Even the case that they give me an award, it’s not something I would want to write about. I’m not going to be writing for DaBaby. I would have rejected the idea at first. Let me make the option to choose my own work.”

Hendryx has revealed that she is currently taking the legal process against DaBaby.

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