DDG Gets Backlash for Martin Luther King Jr. Joke

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DDG is in the spotlight due to his comments on what the impact of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights activism which caused the fury from Woke Twitter.

In an interview with the Bootleg Kev Podcast which debuted on Wednesday (Sept. 22) on YouTube, DDG was asked about his relationship to actress-singer Halle Bailey and the backlash she’s faced since her announcement that she would be playing Ariel on the live action remake for The Little Mermaid from Disney. The Little Mermaid. In the interview, 2021 XXL Freshman stated it was because Halle appears to be “laughing off” the haters However, he believes that they’re going to be overboard with his girlfriend.

DDG said his opinion that the tsunami of hate towards Halle was also a complete surprise.

“I didn’t know people was this racist,” said the president. stated. “I didn’t know this was a thing. I thought this shit was gone already. I thought Martin Luther King canceled that shit out. This shit is crazy.”

The video was shared via The Shade Room, which became viral and led to an outrage from those who believed that DDG was mocking the legacy of MLK. Others thought about whether the Detroit rhymer was aware how much racism was pervasive now than it has ever been.

DDG dropped into the comments section of the blog post to justify his comment on his Bootleg interview with Kev. interview.

“I was valedictorian in highschool,” the author wrote. “Obviously mlk ain’t stop racism.. it’s called exaggeration lol see this what’s wrong with our people these days. We attack each other all day everyday & no one else smh.. #BLM [black fist emoji] y’all have a blessed one [heart emoji].”

DDG wants to respond backlash against MLK’s joke.



To show it, DDG shared his valedictorian’s speech of 2015 through his twitter account. In the description of the video the actor wrote “I may be goofy on camera but I am a very intelligent individual. Please Enjoy and Share My Valedictorian Speech!”

Additionally, Halle may have also been defending her boyfriend on Twitter. “Sometimes i really wish we lived in a less negative world,” she wrote on Twitter.

Even with his valedictorian video people continue to give DDG an earful for his MLK remarks.

“Bro you keep bringing up this Valedictorian shit every video…nobody gives a fuck that shit was years ago. [cry laughing emoji],” tweeted one person.

“Bro, just let it go and make better commentary going forward,” wrote another commenter. “And from a PR perspective, this speech is meaningless because it doesn’t counteract the fact you that something incongruent. In fact, it’s because audiences expected a smarter response that they were so shocked.”

“Y’all have to call a spade a spade,” tweeted the fan. “DDG might not be dumb but them words was pure stupidity and basically a slap in the face of black folks. Knowing damn well MLK ain’t cancel no racism.”

XXL has been in contact with the DDG‘s team to ask for comments.

Watch the Full DDG Interview on The Bootleg Kev Podcast Below

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