Post Malone, a well-known admirer of Bob Dylan, has often expressed his admiration for the legendary folk singer. A popular video of a pre-fame Malone covering Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” is widely shared online. In 2020, Malone even mentioned to Uproxx that he would love to perform a set of Dylan’s songs following his Nirvana covers.

It appears that Malone had the chance to collaborate with Dylan on a song, but the future of this partially completed track is now uncertain. This information comes from a recent interview with producer Michael Cash in Rolling Stone. Cash was attempting to create an album featuring hip-hop artists covering Dylan’s songs. Dylan reportedly approved of Malone and even sent him some unreleased lyrics titled “Be Not Deceived” to create a new song.

Cash recalls that Malone was deeply moved when he first heard Dylan’s words. In March 2021, Malone visited Cash’s studio to record the song. However, after completing about 40% of the track, Malone had to leave and was slow to finish the song. According to Cash, Dylan grew impatient and withdrew permission for Malone to use his lyrics. Cash described the situation as a mismanagement of expectations and poor communication, which resulted in a promising piece of music becoming complicated.

Malone did not comment on this story directly, but he seemed to reference the collaboration during a 2022 interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. He told Fallon that he had been in communication with Dylan but did not disclose any further details. For more information on the Malone/Dylan collaboration, refer to the Rolling Stone article.