As much as Coi Leray would love for women rappers to push their feuds to the side, not everyone agrees. Based on her latest song, “Butterfly Ku,” Ice Spice doesn’t. As some on social media have pointed out, the track, which appears on her Like..?’ Deluxe EP, contains a few subtle jabs at other acts. After further examination of the lyrics, fans are now asking if the song contains a Latto diss.

The stanza in question comes on the track’s second verse, in which Ice Spice raps, “Where she at? On the floor (Damn) / She get her money, but I’m gettin’ more (More) / I’m a player, you know I’m a score (Facts) / First they was hatin’, now I’m on the board.” Although the reference is faint, Ice Spice seems to be directly responding to Latto’s song “Put It On Da Floor,” a track inspired by her beef with Ice Spice’s mentor Nicki Minaj.

Due to Ice Spice’s budding relationship with Nicki Minaj and Latto’s affiliation with Cardi B, fans believe it will cause a rift in their collective relationship. Meanwhile others believe Ice Spice has simply had enough of being poked at. One example in supporters’ eyes is when Latto was asked to find the lyrics to an Ice Spice song during a red-carpet interview but jokingly laughed it off, pleading that she couldn’t.

Listen to the full track above.

Like…? (Deluxe) is out now via 10K Projects/Capital Records. Find more information here.