Did Kehlani And 070 Shake Break Up?

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Kehlani is scheduled to perform two dates remaining in her North American leg of their Blue Water Road Trip tour and it seems there’s more that’s coming close to the platinum-certified singer’s life. What’s their connection to 070 Shake remain?

The TikTok of Kehlani dancing in a club is making rounds online.”Who’s now single, y’all?” the DJ standing right next to Kehlani asks her in a microphone and Kehlani is seen throwing her hands into the air. The fans are taking it as proof that Kehlani with 070 Shake have parted ways.

In July, Kehlani shared a post on Instagram to celebrate “6 years of friendship [and] almost 1 year of love” with Shake (real name: Danielle Balbuena), however, the post was later deleted. (One fan also reported that Kehlani and Shake no longer follow one another via Instagram.) The alleged former couple had previously shown their love for each other to the test in the middle of May in the release of Kehlani’s “melt” music video.

Blue Water Road, Kehlani’s third album and follow-up album to 2020’s It was Good Until It Wasn’t the 29th of April. Shake’s debut album You Can’t Kill Me released in the early part of June. just like Kehlani she’s currently touring — first opening for 13 shows on Kid Cudi’s To The Moon World Tour in August and September and then, she’s a headliner in Europe.

Kehlani will perform at the packed-to-the-brim Oakland Arena in their hometown of Oakland, California, tonight (September 30).).

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