Did Nicki Minaj Replace Cardi B In The New ‘Call Of Duty’ Ad?

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With the launch of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 coming up, Activision released a new advertisement on this weekend in order to keep players excited. “Squad Up” is the “Squad Up” ad features Lil Baby, who shouts the words (“left left, right, left-right-left”) as a threatening-looking team rips through an airstrip, accompanied by an array of ATVs, motorcycles and jeeps.

Country singer Kane Brown keeps the chant running in a crowded honky-tonk restaurant, and Nicki Minaj singing it in front of a helicopter in an all-girl group. Then Pete Davidson shows on stage, performing his charming slacker look (which is in line with the image of the gamer crowd that will make up the majority of the MW2‘s fans upon its launch).

There’s only one face that’s missing the picture: that one of Cardi B. The singer has recently admitted to refusing to accept millions of dollars from Activision to fund an Call Of Duty campaign due to court dates that made her too busy to take on the task.

Naturally, the fan base has transformed the situation into another fight between Cardi B as well as Nicki Minaj, speculating whether Nicki was actually Cardi’s replacement. At the moment, I’d spend the price to watch the Twitch PPV where both rap queens go on their teams to battle on Call Of Duty to settle their differences by a sort of physical contest, just to see who will be the winner . If they can get over it. Megan Thee Stallion to create it.

Watch the trailer of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, available on October 28, above.

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