A few years ago, no one probably would have guessed that Travis Scott would be shading Timothée Chalamet on a new album (Utopia, which contains an A-list set of guests), but here we are. It sure looks like Scott took a swing at the Dune star who also happens to be the star of the upcoming Wonka. That film happens to also include Hugh Grant as an Oompa Loompa, but even more importantly for our purposes at this moment, Scott’s Utopia includes a track, “Meltdown,” which contains some fairly unmistakeable shade towards Mr. Chalamet, who happens to be dating Scott’s ex, Kylie Jenner.

Reports of that new coupledom surfaced in April, and Page Six recently reported that Kylie stays over at Chalamet’s home “upwards of six days a week” and has even been spotted there without makeup, so you know it’s somewhat serious. TMZ followed the candy trail here to summarize exactly how obvious Scott’s Wonka-filled shade sounds:

Travis Scott is treating Kylie Jenner’s new boyfriend, Timothée Chalamet, like an oompa loompa on his new album “Utopia” … and wants his bm to know she’ll never find another beau more lit than him!!!

On the appropriately titled track, “Meltdown,” Travis blows his tops going at Timothée while dissing his upcoming role as the King of Candy with the lyrics, “Chocolate AP and chocolate the Vs got the/ Willy Wonka factory (Vs)/ Burn an athlete like it’s calories find another flame hot as me, bitch!!!”

E! Online drew a similar conclusion, and some on Twitter have taken notice with one user remarking, “[N]ever in my life would I’ve thought to witness travis scott dissing timothee chalamet.” That sums things up, but hey, at least Scott will never have to be jealous of Chalamet’s own attempted rapping skills. No contest there!

(Via TMZ & E! Online)

Source: uproxx.com