Diddy Delivers Encouragement and Prayers to Gunna in Phone Call: “Keep the Faith”

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Diddy took to Instagram on the weekend to reveal that he had delivered inspiring words to Gunna as he waits to be tried for his supposed wrongdoing within the YSL RICO case.

“Spoke to my brother @Gunna the other day,” Diddy wrote. “God is the one who takes us on crazy trips for reasons we do not know. If you’re who is going through a rough moment, remain in the high-frequency zone and remember that every thing happens for a reason. Be positive and remain focussed.”

In the phone call, Diddy is heard saying, “I’m praying, man. I’m praying.”


Gunna replied: “They going to work. I’m not doing anything but protecting myself and keeping my thoughts well and getting my body back for the time I get going to be back in the field.”

You can listen to the conversation below.

Gunna’s legal representative is unsuccessfully trying to secure an injunction to the rapper. As per Rolling Stone Gunna’s lawyers asked for a second bond motion. The motion highlighted the changes to the YSL indictment to remove acts that involved violence out of his charge.

Bond motions previously were denied through Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville, in reference to possible witness altering.

The lawyer for Gunna Steven Sadow said in a statement to Rolling Stone that Steven Sadow “is very hopeful that the Court will now recognize that the discovery provided by the prosecution fails to show his pretrial release poses a significant risk of danger to any person or the community or poses a significant threat to witnesses, and accordingly grants a reasonable bond.”

In the past, the prosecution had a plan to gather more evidence against Gunna and is currently being contested through his lawyers.

Gunna was detained in May and was charged with one count of conspiracy in violation of the RICO law. Gunna’s court date has been scheduled to be January 20, 2023.

You can read about Gunna’s developments regarding Gunna’s Third bond motion Rolling Stone here.

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