Diddy Gives Gunna Pep Talk In Prison Phone Call: ‘It’s Gonna Make You Stronger’

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Diddy Diddy is one of the people who are hoping to help keep Gunna’s spirit high while he is awaiting the trial within the YSL (Young Slime Life) RICO case.

This past Saturday (October 1) on October 1, the Bad Boy boss posted a video on Instagram that documents an exchange on the phone with rapper who is currently in jail In the video, he urged the rapper to “keep the faith” and “stay laser focused.”

Puff started by offering his condolences and prayers to Gunna in the wake of his legal problems however, Puff’s DJ4Ever star declared he’s staying positive and focused on getting his freedom back in jail.

“I’m praying, man. I’m praying.” Diddy told Gunna, whom replied: “Yeah, that’s it. They’re going to be working. I’m doing nothing other than preserving my self-esteem and keeping my head in order and getting myself back in order for the time I get again out in the world.”

“I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this King. Do you feel like I feel?” Puff continued, with Gunna commenting: “But it’s part of the process, so I need to accept that. It’s about climbing and staying focused and being well-prepared for when I appear.”

Diddy went on to give one of his well-known talk shows, taking the middle of the road in between Hip Hop mogul, pastor and therapist.

“I am aware that you were cold in the past but often God does what is what he does. He leads us on these crazy adventures Man,” he said. “I am sure you’re were supposed to be in the open, but you’re not. I’m sure it’s gonna strengthen you and we are prepare to welcome you back.

“Empower your mind each second, remain at the highest frequency. Be confident that everything will be okay, there’s an explanation that you do not even know about and get yourself prepared for your return. You had a great time to stay focussed and accomplish many positive things and think big and bold.”

He continued: “Know that I’m praying for you, and I know that God responds to my prayers when I place that particular prayer in. You deserve it. You’re an amazing person and also a beautiful brother. I’m eager to see what you accomplish when you go out. And when you return as king. I love you.”

Gunna graciously said: “I love you too. Thank you for everything King. Everything.”

Young Thug & Gunna Share Their First Conversation Since RICO Arrests

Gunna (real nickname Sergio Kitchens) was taken into custody in May together alongside Young Thug and 26 other members of the YSL group, which prosecutor’s have accused of being a street gang that commits criminal acts that is behind a string of violent crimes, including murder – in Atlanta.

The 29-year-old was charged with a single accusation of conspiracy break the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, with the prosecution using various images and social media posts of him sporting YSL chains to connect him to the larger RICO indictment.

Gunna has kept his innocence and wrote in an open letter to the editor in Junethat “I am wrongly accused and will not quit fighting to clean my name! The picture that is painted of me is sexist and false … It is my hope and am confident that God will provide me with justice due to the purity of my heart and my innocence in the actions I took.”

But things aren’t always as straightforward according to the law. Rapper Yeezy has been twice refused bond due to concerns over him as a risk to flight, as well as witnesses in the case have been accused of being intimidated.

This week, Gunna’s legal counsel made a second motion to release him and argued that the prosecution has failed give sufficient evidence to justify his continued detention.

If his most recent bond application fails, Gunna will likely remain in the jail until the start of his trial in January 2023.

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