Diddy Once Tipped Someone $250K After Winning $2M In Vegas: ‘If I Win We All Win’

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Diddy has offered an individual a substantial tip when he was playing in the casino at Las Vegas, preaching the notion that people win when they win.

In his appearance on the iHeartRadio countdown show on iHeartRadio’s Countdown show, the Bad Boy Records boss revealed that he left an agent at a casino a $250,000 cash reward for having the upper hand in an unspecified contest and he was said to do out of sincerity from his own heart.

“$250,000,” Diddy said when host Jojo Wright asked him to name the highest tip he’s given to someone was. “I had won $2 million in Vegas and so I tipped the person that was the dealer.”

He added: “If I’m on a yacht, you’ll understand the rest of what I’m saying. Maybe it’s a tip for the entire crew, however for one person it was about a quarter of one million dollars. If I win, all of us are winners.”

After posting the video on Instagram the comment section of Diddy’s Instagram was flooded with messages from those who were elated at the 52-year-old. One person specifically, shared a Good Samaritan moment with Diddy in which she claimed that he gave her $200 following the loss of her earrings at a bar.

“I remember meeting Diddy I never forget the night he made it rain hundred dollar bills I never experienced that ever hundred dollar bills we had a blast that night he also had the bar open for all the ladies to have drinks for days NO lady pay for no drinks,” the individual remembered. “I also remember why I was in the mist of partying I lost my earring he stop the music and said here is $200 for your earrings let’s party I also caught some 100s dollar bills as well too.”

She said: “It was just an amazing night and I will never forget what a blessing thanks Diddy much Love your such an amazing person Thanks for such an amazing memory as well you you know how to party.”

Diddy has plenty of cash to give away, whether it’s a substantial or small amount, but especially when he raked in a staggering $90 million in the year that ended last, which put him on Forbes’s top entertainers with the highest earnings list. When the time comes for his peers, Puff makes sure he is there for them as well.

Diddy Shows Support For Kanye West Following adidas Dispute: ‘We Know Our Value’

The media mogul declared that that the Hip Hop community should not be supportive of Triller on any way as long as Timbaland as well as Swizz Beatz are paid in full and cared for by the company they claim they owe millions.

“We’re not fucking with Triller until they take care of Swizz and Tim for Verzuz,” Diddy declared. “Nobody is fucking on Triller up until they’ve took charge of Tim and Swizz because Tim and Swizz is Verzuz. Am I being clear?”

Swizz and Timbo were successful in concluding a settlement with a $28-million lawsuit against Triller the week before.

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