Diddy Recruits Yung Miami For ‘Gotta Move On’ Remix

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Diddy is teamed to his current lover Young Miami to record the remix of his latest track “Gotta Move On” -Listen to a little snippet of the song below.

The Bad Boy Records founder teased the coming verse from rapper City Girls rapper on Instagram.

“Ayo check it out,” Diddy declared when he turned the remix down to speak. “Big shout out for New York. The remix is soon. Shout the hat to Ron Brown, you a fool for this one. Flex, this is what happens when cities work together.”

Before turning the music up and revealing a new verse in Yung Miami, Diddy said: “Hey yo, Caresha, talk to ’em.”

Miami knew about Diddy’s most recent Bryson Tiller-assisted single. When Diddy revealed the video tutorial for the song’s brand innovative dance steps, Miami took to the comments section to give her thoughts on the dance moves.

“Diddy plsss,” Yung Miami posted on the post, accompanied by tears of laughter Emojis.

But, hours later, Diddy uploaded an image of Yung Miami dancing the same dance with an acquaintance. “Okay!!! Let’s go, Shawty Wop,” Diddy posted a caption. “@YungMiami305 #GottaMoveOn challenge! !”

In his comment: “You in ya bag Shawty Wop! !”

“Gotta Move On” will be featured on Diddy’s forthcoming fifth studio album Off The Grid Vol. 1. It will be the first solo album after the release of 2006’s Press Play. The album will be released via his brand new label Love Records, which he started in conjunction with Motown in May.

“Music has always been my first love, Love Records is the next chapter and is about getting back to the love and making the best music of my life,” Diddy stated in an interview. “For the label I’m focusing on making timeless R&B music for the next generation of producers and artists. Motown makes the best match for my album , and I’m looking forward to adding to the legacy of Motown.”

In the case of Diddy as well as Yung Miami, it seems the two are on a roll since they announced that the couple in June. After a brief flurry of marital discussion, Yung Miami sat down to talk about the state in her romance and Diddy.

“We are dating. We’re single and we’re in a relationship,” she said. “People do not know what it means to be dating. He’s single, and I’m single however, we’re both dating. This is what I mean when I say that we’re together. When we’re in a group, we’re with each other. We’re having the time our lives, yet we’re not married.”

She also said: “He see other people beyond me, and I see people who are not him. I’m young. I’m dating. I’m having amusement. I’m playing my best to make myself look like me. I’m doing him. I’m not able to say for certain what he’s up to or the person he’s seeing however, we are were single and dating.”

Yung Miami Fans Think Rapper’s Spicy Message Is About Diddy

The statement is similar to the one Diddy said in June, when his appearance on Miami’s brand new Revolt talk show on television. Caresha Thank you.

“We meet for dates. We’re friends. We visit exotic locations. We enjoy ourselves,” he said on the show.

Yung Miami has frequently resisted against those who attempt to define the couple’s relationship. In June, the rapper from Miami posted on social media to ask people let her and Diddy at peace.

“I do not require relationship advice from anyone on the internet. I’m happy, I’m having fun. I’m a pro at keeping men,” she said. “If I were to get an emancipated man, I’m able to maintain one. I don’t need any relationship advice from you. The bitches you have aren’t married. The baby mama’s. Stop the fucking up.”

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