Dionne Warwick has canceled a number of performances due to a “medical incident” and will be refunding tickets for June 22-24, according to Entertainment Tonight. ET is calling it a “minor medical incident” and says the 82-year-old R&B/soul legend (and Twitter’s favorite auntie) is “on the mend.” She was scheduled to play the Rivers Casino Des Plaines near Chicago next weekend. She has future dates in New York and Delaware in July; no announcements have yet been made about those.

Warwick experienced a burst in renewed interest in recent years thanks to her jovial and witty Twitter presence. Her commentary on such subjects as being a Swiftie, roasting The Weeknd and Chance The Rapper’s stage names, and her unfamiliarity with Billie Eilish endeared her to younger fans, who then set out to discover her timeless music, which includes Grammy Hall of Fame hits “Alfie,” “Don’t Make Me Over,” and “Walk On By.”

She’s since built on her reputation as a classic cut-up with jokes about becoming Twitter’s new CEO and following up on a collaboration with Chance The Rapper. However, one subject she won’t speak on is fellow R&B pioneer Anita Baker’s recent beef with former tour opener Babyface. When Lil Duval asked her to squash the beef, she replied, “Baby, that ain’t got nothing to do with me.”

Source: uproxx.com