DJ Akademiks Agrees To Sit Down With LL COOL J Following ‘Dusty’ Controversy

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DJ Akademiks is facing lots of criticism this past week because of the sexist remarks he made regarding Hip Hop’s pioneers He’s since expressed his opinion on the negative reaction.

The TV personality had most of the world’s population outraged this week when he denigrated Hip Hop’s designers for being “dusty” and suggested their worth was based on the amount of cash they had in their accounts at banks.

The following the morning of Monday (September 26), Ak sat down with The Breakfast Club to discuss a variety of subjects as well as these unpopular comments. host DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha Godquickly addressed the subject and ended with Envy asking Godquick: “You really gonna piss on everybody?”

Although Akademiks admitted that he was having an “bad week,” he acknowledged that he might improve his manner of speaking when it comes to his sometimes controversial comments. He also agreed to have a meeting together with LL COOL J who had initially revealed the “dusty” comments to light on Instagram If they are willing. Rock The Bells OG is willing.

“I’m looking forward to talking about LL [COOL Jand I’m going to speak to –T.I. Also, I reached out to him,” he said. “We’re going to hold an official meeting. It’s also his birthday, therefore he didn’t want be too busy today.”

In the event that Charlamagne Tha God mentioned Akademiks his abrasive tone The ex- Everyoneday Struggle host acknowledged that his comments were more difficult to comprehend when they were delivered that way however, he claimed that even if he addressed LL COOL J in a more respectful manner that the “points wouldn’t change.”

He said: “The tone changes, even if I’m ‘wrong on any issue but I remained on the issue. As a broadcaster, I’ve had the pleasure of studying this a lot.”

Ak has also mentioned the recent incident involving Reginae Carter’s mom and Lil Wayne‘s ex-wife Toya Johnson He was criticized by Toya Johnson for and said Carter prefers “hood n-ggas” when discussing the Young Money rapper’s daughter and her new boyfriend , Ar’mon.

“This recent thing with Toya, I did a tone check before,” he stated. “I knew that it was going to be lost in the mix. It’s a brand new media. I livestream discussions of Hip Hop topics and I’m drinking and trying to entertain people. […] My videos are either funny or “Damn, he’s irresponsible.'”

He also revealed that his plans to have talks with T.I. who was irritated by Akademiks his rant on Carter and T.I., he said: “I have spirited debates. I enjoy Hip Hop. It’s provided me with everything. I am in love with this society. But I’m passionate.”

Many of the major players in Hip Hop culture didn’t see the situation in this way. They instead found Akademiks initial comments to be incredibly irresponsible. In the words of Scorpio from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five stated to HipHopDX: “When I saw that comment from Akademiks I was hurt to the heart.

“Last thing that most of us have is our respect and he was trying to use his platform to have people not respect us or not to look at us with value, like we never brought nothing to this industry when this whole industry was built on our backs.”

LL COOL J Founded Rock The Bells Because ‘Hip Hop Culture Isn’t Disposable’

Akademiks then addressed the numerous old Hip Hop artists who responded to his rant. He also said his remarks were misinterpreted.

“I ain’t gonna lie, a lot of the guys — who by the way, I looked up to most of them who responded — 95 percent of the people who responded to me in terms of OGs, they weren’t broke and dusty,” said he declared. “There there were five percent who weren’t, but for the majority of them are the ones who have succeeded. However, you haven’t mentioned the details. I was talking about passing game. I was discussing the importance of educating the next generation instead of judging them.”

In the Breakfast Club interview, Akademiks talks about Joe Budden’s criticism regarding how he handled PnB Rock’s murder, as well as his dispute against Meek Mill and 6ix9ine.

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HipHopDX News DJ Akademiks Agrees To Sit Down With LL COOL J Following 'Dusty' Controversy Top HipHop

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