If you haven’t heard, Drake’s a published author now. Drake released a poetry book titled Titles Ruin Everything: A Stream Of Consciousness By Kenza Samir & Aubrey Graham over the weekend after giving fans less than 24 hours notice. Drake also reportedly took out a newspaper ad in the New York Post teasing a companion album for the book.

One person who had no trouble getting his hands on the collection was DJ Khaled, who naturally posted his “unboxing” of the gift from Drake on Instagram. Pulling out the book, accompanied by a personal note, he read several passages to the camera, revealing a Rupi Kaur-esque commitment to minimalism. Drake’s words read like mantras or kōan, with a simple statement on each left page and an answering one on its mirror. Khaled calls them “keys” but seems bemused by the simplicity of the construction, repeatedly cracking, “The man wrote a book!” At one point, he even notes, “He wrote a sentence!”

Khaled wasn’t the only one baffled by Drake’s doings this past weekend. On Sunday, he was awarded the key to Memphis, his second home, leaving some fans frustrated — after all, despite all of Drake’s love for Bluff City, he still largely resides in his hometown, Toronto, when he’s not in Los Angeles, where he also has a home. He also co-signed Toronto’s NBA team’s newest pickup; after Raptors draft pick Gradey Dick gushed about wanting to be friends with Drake, the team’s official ambassador graced the rookie with a follow on Instagram.

Source: uproxx.com