DJ Khaled might be one of the funniest social media personalities alive. Everything he does online is hilarious, even if it seems unintentionally so. The thing is, he knows it, which only makes everything more fun. When he’s not producing hit albums such as his album God Did or showing off his love for sneakers (and the extreme lengths he’ll go to in order to preserve them), he’s showing off his athletic prowess (or lack thereof) with ill-advised dunk attempts and overly enthusiastic golf swings. That extends to a surf video he recently uploaded to Instagram in which he wipes out hard.

But, as I pointed out above, Khaled knows we’ll all be laughing about it, so he ups the comedic value of the clip by running back his splash down a couple of times — he even adds slow motion, as well as a few (seemingly unrelated clips of himself receiving a massage and whacking a golf ball out of the rough “right down the middle.” Maybe he felt like he needed to cushion the blow to his ego.

Khaled’s new golf hobby became the focus of another amusing post as Diddy gave him a brand-new golf cart. “If you gonna be the number one in golfing, we gotta make sure you’re number one in the golf cart, baby,” Diddy says in the clip. “Sh*t looks rich, sh*t looks healthy, looks like it fits my brother Khaled.”