Do Quavo And Lil Baby Have Beef?

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Lil Baby is a rapper. Lil Baby has been reported to be in a beef with Migos over the last few years. In “Messy,” a track from Quavo and Takeoff’s latest album “Only Built for Infinity Links” There are many who believe Quavo is speaking to them about the alleged feud despite the fact the rapper doesn’t name anyone by name.

Does Quavo or Lil Baby have beef?

The track ” Messy,” Quavo addresses a party that is not named in the song’s lyrics “B*tch fucked my dog behind my back, but I ain’t stressin’ / You wanted the gang, you should’ve just said it, we would’ve blessed it.” Many have believed that the rapper is referring to his ex-girlfriend, Saweetie, who is reported to have had an affair with the former Migo, Offset. Offset as well as his wife Cardi B and his wife, Cardi denied the claims and there are some who accuse Quavo of exploiting his timing for the speculation to create excitement for the project.

There are also reports that Quavo could be referring to Lil Baby, who was reported to have taken Saweetie to a $100,000 shopping excursion within New York City last year. The two parties, however, have rejected any speculation that suggested romantic relations between them,

However, the rumored Migos along with Lil Baby feud dates back to the year 2020, when Lil Baby’s team was reportedly involved in physical fight with Offset that resulted in him being stripped to the boxer briefs he was wearing.

Lil Baby took to his Instagram Story shortly thereafter to denounce the rumors. He said, “Stop spreading fake news Stop spreading fake news! It’s fake! Please! !” According to iHeart.

As of the time of this writing, Saweetie, Offset, or Lil Baby had not commented on “Messy.”

See “Messy” above.

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