Do Taylor Swift And Drake Have A Song On The Way?

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In a move which can be described now in a way that can only be described as “Swift-ian,” Taylor Swift has been recording her first six albums. The clever way she has gotten around the fact that Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun purchased all Swift’s masters (without Swift’s consent) and then sold the masters at auction to highest bidders has produced the two ( Taylor’s Version) versions of the albums redand Fearless. In the meantime, as Swift is working on her Reputation (Taylor’s version) recording, she is rumored to have released a collaborative song together with Drake which is particularly tasty.

Do Taylor Swift And Drake Have A Song On The Way?

However, are Drake as well as Taylor Swift recording a song together? Is this true? As per The Sun, Swift has gone through her archive of records in preparation for the release of Reputation (Taylor’s version) in the coming year, following its release on Midnight on October 21st. One track found in the vault said to be an collaboration with Drake that was omitted of Reputation because Swift did not want to ignite the flames of her feud in the midst of her feud between Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian after Kanye’s “I made that b*tch fmous” lyrics. Drake and Kanye were in a very indifferent relationship which influenced the decision to keep it off until later. However, a new song may be in the works according to the Sunquotes an “music insider” with direct information about the situation:

“Taylor has shifted her focus to recording a new version of Reputation and she’s found this song that she wrote with Drake but did not see the sunlight of day. She knows that everybody is likely to believe it’s about Kimye since it was her fight with them that inspired many of the songs in Reputation. However, this song is more explicit than the other tracks, which is the reason they didn’t release it initially. It’s not a secret that Taylor as well as Drake have had turbulent relations with Kanye and her family, which is why they weren’t shy when it came time to record. Evidently, she’s over the whole affair now, but this song is one that fans would like to listen to.”

The future will be revealed the outcome of a song collaboration between Drake as well as Taylor Swift ever comes to the stage, but this sounds like a good one to drop.

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