Kendrick Lamar fans have now discovered that the rapper apparently has a second Instagram account. Or, what the kids call a “finsta.” The public profile’s first apparent post (at least of now) was a selfie from Lamar yesterday.

Adding credibility to the fact that it’s actually him, it’s the only account that Lamar follows from his regular IG profile. However, this new account does not follow anyone back.

Some other pics on the profile are throwback photos of Tupac and Michael Jackson, a video of Lamar sprinting, him seemingly holding his child, lighting fireworks, and many more extra drops from his camera roll.

The last upload was Lamar posing in front of a mirror with a stack of shoes behind him. “How I’m coming for my bday,” he captioned, complete with a shushing emoji.

And fans are loving the wildness of the range of posts. “Kendrick having a spam is sum I’d never thought I’d see,” one user commented on his page.

“Kendrick using emojis is like seeing your teacher outside of school,” another added. Even other musicians like Steve Lacy are popping up on Lamar’s page with a simple “Hey Dot.”

Check out some more of the photos from Kendrick Lamar’s alleged second Instagram account.