Keanu Reeves, renowned as one of the most gracious celebrities, continually motivates his colleagues in distinctive ways. His influence ranges from his comic books, his ability to prevent a catastrophic wardrobe mishap, to his endearing demeanor when handling puppies. Hence, it was not surprising when he reunited with his former bandmates almost 20 years after their last album, despite his career having soared since their initial musical journey.

Reeves shared with Entertainment Weekly that the band’s reunion would not have been possible without The Matrix Resurrections. The film appears to have revived more than just the characters Neo and Trinity.

Reeves revealed that the reunion’s inception occurred during a breakfast meeting the morning after the premiere of Matrix 4 in San Francisco. This event underscores the importance of breakfast – you never know when it might lead to a band reunion and a new album.

Robert Mailhouse, the band’s drummer, detailed how everything fell into place naturally after the breakfast meeting. “We got excited, one thing led to another, and we all took it very seriously,” Mailhouse shared. “It wasn’t just another casual meetup. It felt like we were on a mission.” Their mission? To rock. And they did.

Now, Dogstar is embarking on a nationwide tour before their latest album release. This would not have been possible if Reeves hadn’t worn a rubber duck on his head in the bath. Quite an interesting thought!

(Via EW)