On Doja Cat’s recent single, “Attention,” the rapper brags about how she continues to thrive despite all the haters. However, after some criticized the singer’s rumored relationship with J Cyrus, she wasn’t able to play it cool. According to some on social media, Doja Cat went as far as to allegedly block fans who criticized her over their coupling.

Although it was first reported in November that Doja was exclusively dating someone, it wasn’t until last month that her mystery beau was revealed. In images captured by TMZ, the pair are seen vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico. After the photos hit social media, several users accused Cyrus of grooming and sexual misconduct. Fans of Doja rushed to her profile, urging her to end the relationship.

Supporters have continued to request that Doja Cat end things with Cyrus, often tagging her in posts with screenshots of the allegations. Now some people are implying that after doing that, they’ve been blocked by Doja.

One person went as far as to accuse Doja Cat of reporting them for harassment. In the tweet, they wrote, “Doja cat blocked me earlier this month then dmed me this. She thinks I was trolling her predator boyfriend’s live stream and reported me to ‘cyber security.’”

Doja Cat hasn’t commented publicly about her rumored relationship or the current pushback.

Source: uproxx.com