As the saying goes, look but don’t touch. Apparently, this isn’t an ideology Doja Cat fans subscribe to. The “Attention” rapper took to social media to blast supporters for stealing the promotional posters for her latest single. As the entertainer advertises the song’s release nationwide, her team has plastered artwork in several areas with high foot traffic. But after they were put up, some of them have been going missing.

After Doja Cat learned about the thefts, she went online to vent her frustrations. In a statement shared to her Instagram Stories, she wrote, “Stealing my advertisements off of the walls around the city is super f*cked up. We don’t put those up for free, so keep that in mind.” She added, “You’re wack, and I don’t f*ck with you if you’re doing that. Use your f*cking brain.”

With Doja’s The Scarlet Tour kicking off in the fall and her forthcoming album rumored to hit streaming platforms before then, she’s keeping a close eye on every marketing expense.

While this isn’t the first time Doja has had a few fiery words for fans. In May, her off-kilter humor ended in calling those who didn’t find her jokes “dumb.”