Doja Cat Celebrates Spooky Season With Some Pumpkin-Spiced Bikini Photos

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Since going on a performance hiatus after getting throat surgery, Doja Cat’s main creative outlet has been her Instagram. There, she’s been keeping herself busy posting lighthearted content like trollish thirst traps, her whimsical makeup experiments, and debuting a new haircut that included shaving off her eyebrows. While some fans were concerned about the radical new look, Doja assured them she’s doing just fine and it’s all in good fun.

And speaking of “good fun,” as summer turns to fall, who better to ring in Spooky Season than Doja, whose love of dressing up makes her the perfect candidate to show off some elaborate costumes in time for Halloween? She’s already gotten started, kicking off the first weekend of fall with a “sexy nurse” look that was clearly inspired by the Elvira movie she’s watching in the background of her sultry selfie.

She kept the holiday mood moving with her next two posts, getting a few shots of herself in a bright-orange jack-o’-lantern bikini. “HAPPY WHAT??!?????” she captioned the post, adding a slew of jack-o’-lantern emojis. The look certainly won the approval of fellow swimwear enthusiast Coi Leray, who joked, “I want a pumpkin spice latte,” in the comments.

Doja’s ahead of the pack, but you can be certain that plenty of artists will be joining her in getting into the Halloween season. For now, check out her pumpkin-spiced selfies above.

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Uproxx Doja Cat Celebrates Spooky Season With Some Pumpkin-Spiced Bikini Photos Top HipHop

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