Doja Cat’s upcoming album “Scarlet” is highly anticipated, and her performance at the 2023 MTV VMAs was one of the most eagerly awaited. Her striking spiderweb outfit on the pink carpet was a standout moment.

Doja Cat’s performances are always unpredictable. She performed most of her “Scarlet” single “Attention” in the audience, dressed as a businesswoman, accompanied by eerie dancers painted all red and appearing quite devilish. On stage, she launched into the catchy “Paint The Town Red,” which recently became the first rap song of the year to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Next, she smoothly transitioned into the playful “Demons.” During her performance, she unbuttoned her shirt as papers scattered all over the stage. She concluded the song with a broad smile, clearly aware that she had captivated the audience.

Regarding “Scarlet,” Doja Cat recently shared that the album was created during two distinct periods. The first three songs were produced during her initial music-making phase. The second half of the album was created during a ten-day stint in Malibu, resulting in a different sound from the first half.

Clips of her performance can be viewed below.