In recent weeks, singer Doja Cat has had a somewhat contentious relationship with some of her fans. She previously criticized fans she felt were overly enthusiastic, which resulted in her losing 250,000 Instagram followers. However, she later expressed that the loss of followers felt like a victory, as it allowed her to reconnect with those who truly appreciate her for who she is.

Doja Cat recently took to Instagram Stories to further discuss this issue. In one post, she quoted Lady Gaga saying, “When you die, nobody is going to give a f*ck what you tweeted.” This quote was originally from a 2014 SXSW performance by Gaga, although the actual quote was slightly different: “When you leave this Earth, no one’s gonna give a f*ck what you tweeted.”

In another Instagram Story, Doja Cat wrote, “All that matters to me is that my fans know who I am and the others are stuck trying to figure out.” This statement seems to reflect her focus on maintaining a genuine connection with her true fans.

In addition to these posts, Doja Cat also hinted at something new in the works. She posted a photo of a shadowy figure (presumably herself) striking a pose with devil horns and a noticeable spine. The caption of the post included the date “9.1.23” and an hourglass emoji, suggesting that something is set to happen on that date.