Earlier this week, Doja Cat unveiled the album cover for her upcoming album, Scarlet, which drew attention for its striking resemblance to the cover of metal band Chaver’s forthcoming album, Of Gloom. Both albums were announced in late July and share the same release date, September 22.

However, Doja Cat has since updated the album cover, replacing the large purplish spider that was nearly identical to Chaver’s cover (designed by Dusty Ray) with two spiders eerily connecting. This new design continues to reflect the strange and spooky theme that Doja Cat has been aiming for. She shared the updated cover on social media with the caption, “SCARLET 9.22 (updated cover).”

Despite this, some fans have expressed their discomfort with Doja Cat’s dark aesthetic. After she teased a single titled “Demon” and got a scythe tattoo behind her ear, online speculation arose about her possibly being a satanist, with some pleading for her to tone down the scariness. In response, Doja Cat only intensified her wicked persona, mocking those who were scared by saying they probably couldn’t even handle an episode of ‘Goosebumps’.

Scarlet is set to be released on September 22 through Kemosabe Records/RCA Records. More information can be found on Doja Cat’s official website.

Source: uproxx.com