Doja Cat’s highly anticipated album, Scarlet, is just a few weeks away from its debut. This follows a change in the album cover and the release of singles “Attention”, “Paint The Town Red”, and “Demons”.

At the launch event for the Victoria’s Secret World Tour, which took place on Wednesday, September 6, Doja Cat shared some insights about Scarlet during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

She explained that the first three songs that were released were the initial ones she created during her music-making period. Following this, she spent ten days in Malibu where she produced a different set of music. She hinted at a distinct difference between the two halves of her album but chose to keep the details under wraps, adding that she was excited about the upcoming release.

This diversity in her album aligns with her previous description of it as being influenced by rap, rave, R&B, and punk. She mentioned last month that while the new album is more introspective, it doesn’t overly focus on that aspect to the point of being dull.

Scarlet is set to be released on September 22 through RCA. More information can be found on Doja Cat’s website.