A day after the pre-save link for Doja Cat’s new single “Attention” was apparently leaked early, Doja has shared the official artwork for the single (or possibly even her album, rumored to be titled Scarlet) herself. On both Instagram and Twitter, Doja posted the artwork, which features a triangular shape drawn in red ink, evoking the “scarlet” theme and even suggesting — as some fans noted — blood. Considering Doja’s proclivity for provocation, all those associations are likely intentional. Accompanying the cover art is the date 6/16/23, this Friday, so we won’t have long to wait.

The rollout for Doja’s fourth album has been fraught with chaotic energy — something Doja credited to her ADHD. At one point, she insisted that the album was called Hellmouth but since then, she’s claimed that she has changed the title multiple times. Last year, she stated that the album would lean more into rap than her previous efforts, but just months later, she had changed her mind, saying it would be an R&B album instead.

Then, early this year, she said the album would be more punk-oriented before flip-flopping on Twitter over whether to quit music altogether. Now, it looks like this wild ride is nearing its destination and Doja’s next album — whatever it’s called and however it sounds — will be out sooner rather than later.

Source: uproxx.com