Despite facing criticism from fans, Doja Cat continues to embrace the mischievous imagery associated with her album, Scarlet. After receiving backlash for her new tattoos, which some fans labeled as demonic, Doja Cat responded by playfully mocking accusations of Satanism in several Scarlet tracks, including “Skull And Bones.”

Doja Cat seems to be enjoying the attention, as she continues to explore devilish representations of her Scarlet persona. As reported by HipHopDX, she recently shared a photo on Instagram of a painting she made during a fan event. The painting features a black, horned figure set against a red backdrop, with later additions including a menacing smile and the phrase “not afraid” written across the background.

However, not all of Doja Cat’s promotional efforts for Scarlet have been focused on darker themes. The music video for “Agoura Hills” presents a contrasting image of Doja Cat’s interests, reflecting her previous statement that the album was produced over two distinct periods, resulting in a lighter half. Nonetheless, it appears that Doja Cat will continue to provoke her fans as long as she finds it amusing.