Doja Cat’s much-anticipated album, Scarlet, has finally been released after months of teasing tracks, several name changes, and the success of a record-setting single. The “Attention” rapper, who has been at the center of controversy due to her choice in body art, rumored relationships, and more, addresses many of these issues in her new project.

The song “Skull And Bones” responds to fans’ theories about Doja Cat being a satanist. Meanwhile, in “97,” she comments on the massive unfollowing spree on social media led by former fan pages. In July, she criticized fans who called themselves “Kittenz” for the juvenile name choice. She also called out fan pages on the social media app Threads for their obsessive behavior. This resulted in over 250,000 users unfollowing her on Instagram.

“97,” co-written by Doja Cat, Jay Versace, and Sam Barsh and produced by Barsh and Versace, reveals that Doja Cat has no regrets about the incident. In fact, she encourages more people to unfollow her to boost her social media analytics.

Doja Cat’s relationship with her supporters and her use of social media have been tumultuous over the years. However, based on “97,” it seems she has come to realize that these issues are not as important as her own happiness.

You can listen to Doja Cat’s “97” below. Scarlet is now available via RCA. Find more information here.