Doja Cat has recently been stirring up controversy among her fanbase, particularly with her interpretation of her new single, “Balut.” The song’s title refers to a Filipino street food dish, but Doja Cat’s explanation of the dish has led to some backlash from Filipino fans who believe she has misrepresented their culture.

In an Instagram post, Doja Cat explained that she named the song “Balut” because it symbolizes a bird that’s being eaten alive. She further stated that it’s a metaphor for Twitter fans and the end of Twitter toxicity. However, this explanation has been met with criticism as it inaccurately describes the dish.

While balut does involve a duck or chicken embryo eaten from its shell, the bird is not alive when consumed. This misunderstanding led to a wave of backlash on Twitter, where many fans voiced their concerns.

One fan questioned Doja Cat’s description of the dish, stating that balut is not eaten alive and expressing disappointment in her misrepresentation of their culture. Another fan clarified that balut is boiled before consumption.

Doja Cat’s own experience with balut seems to have added to the confusion. Despite acknowledging that it’s a fertilized duck egg, she claimed that it “moved around a bit,” which could be an exaggeration or a product of her imagination.

Despite the controversy, fans can listen to “Balut” now and look forward to the rest of Doja Cat’s album “Scarlet,” which will be released on Friday, 9/22.