Doja Cat, after a brief break from music, released a new single titled “Attention,” which was followed by a series of controversies. The public criticized Doja for her alleged relationship with J Cyrus, her new tattoos, and more. Despite losing over 250,000 followers on Instagram, Doja expressed that she feels liberated to be her authentic self.

However, the concerns of Doja’s remaining fans have not subsided. Her newly announced single and her recent tattoo have added to their worries. Following her previous track, “Paint The Town Red,” Doja is reportedly preparing to release her next single, “Demons.” In the cover art for the song, Doja is depicted in black body paint from head to toe, walking on a ceiling.

When Doja revealed images of her anatomical bat tattoo, fans labeled the piece as demonic. In response, Doja gave a history lesson and stated, “Your fear is not my problem.” To further provoke those criticizing her, she appeared alongside the grim reaper in her video for “Paint The Town Red.” A screenshot by Saycheese revealed another new tattoo, a scythe behind her ear.

Fans quickly reacted after the images were shared. One fan commented, “She needs to stop at this point.” Another expressed concern for her health and appearance, saying, “She’s not even looking healthy, and she’s continuously making herself look more scarier.” Another fan suggested that someone should check on her.

Doja Cat has not commented on her latest body art. However, with The Scarlet Tour featuring her set to begin soon, it wouldn’t be surprising if her tattoo collection continues to expand.