The MTV Video Music Awards are set to take place tonight, with Doja Cat’s performance being one of the most eagerly awaited moments. The singer is still promoting her upcoming album, “Scarlet”, which features the hit single “Paint The Town Red”. This song has the distinction of being the first rap track of the year to secure the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Doja Cat, also known for her song “Demons”, shared her bold pink carpet outfit on Instagram. The outfit consists of a spiderweb dress that leaves little to the imagination, with no bra or pasties. She is also adorned with glitter, giving her a radiant glow. This ensemble allows her to showcase her tattoos and striking jewelry that extends from her fingers to her wrist.

The outfit complements the cover of her “Scarlet” album, which features two spiders. Speaking about the album in a recent interview, Doja Cat revealed that it contains music from two different periods. The first three songs were created during one period, while the second half of the album was composed in Malibu over a span of ten days, resulting in a distinct difference between the two halves.

“Scarlet” will be released on September 22nd through RCA. More information can be found on Doja Cat’s website.