After weeks of online discourse, Doja Cat released her pure rap single, “Attention.” Despite one popular naysayer, the song has received rave reviews online from hip-hop heads and Doja Cat’s fans alike. As a reward for the positive remarks, it seems that the entertainer wanted to treat supporters to what is coming down the pipeline.

During an Instagram live stream, Doja Cat joyfully leaked her upcoming single, “Balut.” In the comment section of the session, fans’ reactions were overwhelmingly uplifting. One fan wrote, “This is amazing.” Another added, “She’s like should I leak this or not?”

Although Doja Cat has been highly indecisive regarding her future musical drops, the rapper’s fan page echoed that the track played during the session does have a tentative name. “Doja has confirmed the title to be ‘Balut,’” wrote the fan page.

Both tracks, “Attention” and “Balut,” are expected to appear on the musician’s forthcoming album. At this time, the album is rumored to be titled Scarlet. In the past, Doja Cat announced that the project would be named Hellmouth. However, just as the classified green of the album has changed over time, so has the album’s title. Therefore, only time will tell what the song’s actual name will be.