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Singer-turned-actor-turned-singer-again Dominic Fike is onto a new chapter. Tonight (May 26) Fike has shared the latest track from his upcoming sophomore album, Sunburn. On the precious “Ant Pile,” Fike took us back to his days on the playground, where he recalls crushing on one of his classmates.

“First grade / Somebody tied you to an ant pile / And that wasn’t even the worst day / Back then you knew I always liked you,” Fike sings, over electrifying guitar riffs.

He then chronicles their love up to high school, where they started to take their relationship to higher levels, from dates, to hook-ups, to breakdowns, and painful dissolutions.

“Ninth grade / I picked you up before the first date / You were allergic to your entrée / You couldn’t do pasta / The movie was awful,” he sings on the second verse.

“Ant Pile” is one of Fike‘s more romantic songs, and the lyrics play out vividly, like the soundtrack to a coming-of-age movie. Sunburn is said to be an autobiographical album inspired by his childhood in Florida. The bulk of the album was written, produced, and recorded in his home state.

You can listen to “Ant Pile” above.

Sunburn is out 7/7 via Columbia. Find more information here.

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