Don’t film Jay-Z doing the Electric Slide with his mom during his wife Beyoncé‘s Renaissance Tour shows. The rap mogul caught a fan capturing the family moment (during Beyoncé’s Cameo-sampling cover of Maze’s “Before I Let Go,” naturally) and put a stop to their voyeurism with a gesture, but that didn’t stop the fan from uploading the video — which still went pretty viral on Twitter thanks to the Jay-Z Daily account. I guess it’s kinda like the Barbra Streisand Effect.

Still, you can’t blame Jay for being a little protective. After all, while the rapper himself is used to becoming a meme for his awkward head-nodding and chronic lack of athletic ability, that’s his mom. She’s probably one of the few people on the planet who can make him cry, so if he can keep her from becoming fodder for some of the mean jokes people like to make online, you know he will.

But, in this case, it seems the fan captured a wholesome moment and the responses have been accordingly upbeat. Commenters are mostly praising Jay for being such a fan of his family and remarking on the cultural ubiquity of the dance/song combo, and noting how good he’s gotten at spotting surreptitious cinematographers. And hey, he may not be the best diver, but his steps are ON POINT.

Check out some of the responses below.