Dr. Dre Admits Super Bowl Halftime Show Made Him ‘Extremely Nervous’

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Dr. Dre talked to Apple Music’s Ebro Darden about his personal Super Bowl Halftime Show experience on Sunday (September 25) just a few hours following it was announced that NFL announced Rihanna as 2023’s headliner.

The epic West Coast-themed concert featured performances by Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Mary J. Blige and was the most Hip-Hop-centric event of NFL history. In spite of Dre’s calm, stoic manner on stage and his decades of experience in performing in front of an audience, he acknowledged that the fact that he wasn’t calm.

“It made me extremely nervous,” he stated. “I don’t know if i’ve ever felt this nervous before. And, not only that I’m not sure if I’ve ever looked forward to the Monday morning. This is why it’s about planning and making sure that you have the appropriate individuals around. Everyone did their part for me, and they were all extremely excited about the event. We had a blast even though it’s an assortment of things and people to count on.

“You’re speaking of at the very least 3000 people you need to count on to make the show to be perfect over 13 minutes. This is a huge amount of pressure. But it’s also a lot of fun at the same time. Once it’s over and you’re feeling goosebumps, bro. I had goosebumps, specifically due to the reactions we received from the show and being able to host the show with my fellow fans.”

Dr. Dre also gave some suggestions to Rihanna before his appearance in the Big Game, which is scheduled for February 12th 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

“Put the right people around you, and have fun,” He stated. This is basically to ensure you have the most creative group of people. You might like to research the names of some of the people were involved in the production of this show.”

As the millions Rihanna’s supporters, Dr. Dre is sure that Rihanna will give a great performance even though he knows that the Super Bowl LVI Pepsi Halftime Show will be an uphill task to follow.

“Oh, my God,” he declared. “Let me be honest with you I’m sorry to say, but a man. I’ve just received the news that Rihanna’s set to perform the show and I’m a huge lover of Rihanna. I’m excited to find out what she’s planning to perform. I really like her and her style and how she performs and the way she approaches her artistic talents and all nine. It’s fantastic. She’s got the potential to blow us off. I’m sure we have set the bar very high.”

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Super Bowl LVII marks first occasion that Apple Music is sponsoring the event. Apple Music is the official sponsor of Super Bowl LVII. NFL announced the partnership this week in an announcement in a press announcement.

“We are proud to welcome Apple Music to the NFL family as our new partner for the iconic Super Bowl Halftime Show,” Nana-Yaw Asamoah who is the SVP of Partnership Strategy of the NFL has said. “We couldn’t think of a more appropriate partner for the world’s most-watched musical performance than Apple Music, a service that entertains, inspires, and motivates millions of people around the world through the intersection of music and technology.”

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