Drake, the “Slime You Out” rapper, recently deviated from his 2010 mantra of “never home but always repping.” On September 25, during a stop at the State Farm Arena as part of his “It’s All A Blur Tour”, the Toronto native bestowed a significant title on the city of Atlanta.

During a break between songs, Drake took a moment to reflect on Atlanta’s influence on hip-hop culture. He declared, “What would any of us be without Atlanta? All the love that you’ve shown, all the musicians that you birthed, all the contributions that you give. This is hands-down the most important place in rap music. And you should be very proud of yourselves.”

While the sold-out crowd agreed with Drake’s sentiments, reactions were mixed once a clip of his statement was shared on social media. Some critics accused Drake of pandering to every city he visits, likening him to a politician. Others argued that New York or the Bronx should hold the title of the most important place in rap music.

Despite these criticisms, several social media users agreed with Drake’s comments. One user wrote, “He is telling the truth. Unfortunately, Drake says this everywhere he goes,” while another pointed out that Atlanta has dominated rap music for at least 15 years.

The concert featured guest appearances by Central Cee, a collaborator on Drake’s “On The Radar freestyle”, Twitch streamer Kai Cenat, and Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young.

Source: uproxx.com