The release date of Drake’s upcoming solo album, “For All The Dogs,” has been revealed thanks to a distinctive hairstyle. The album is set to be available on digital platforms on Friday, September 22, the same day as Doja Cat’s “Scarlet.” Drake has also hinted that fans will get a sneak peek of the album soon.

On September 11, during his “It’s All A Blur Tour” concert at the Moody Center, Drake announced that a single from the album would be released in the coming days. “I’m going to say something in Austin, Texas, that I haven’t said before. I know you’re all excited for the album. I know it’s about two weeks away. But I’m going to drop a song this week just to give you a taste… I deeply appreciate all of you,” he told his fans.

Those close to the Grammy Award-winning rapper who have had the chance to listen to the album ahead of its release have praised it highly. On September 7, during an episode of his podcast, “A Safe Place,” Lil Yachty commented, “[For All The Dogs] is probably Drake’s most ‘performance’ album in terms of energy. Some of the best Drake verses I’ve ever heard are on this album.”

Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, has also enthusiastically stated that the project is “some of the best music” he’s heard from his son. However, the exact release date of the upcoming single has not yet been disclosed.