The most memorable aspect of Drake and 21 Savage’s ‘It’s All A Blur’ tour may not be the music or performances, but rather the numerous bras thrown on stage. Drake has collected all the bras thrown his way during the tour and shared a photo of them.

In the picture posted on September 6, Drake is seen smiling with his arms wide open in front of a grid filled with bras. It is estimated that there are at least 600 bras in the photo.

Drake humorously captioned the post, “Remember when we both forgot who the f*ck I was in unison…that wavelength was def a foolish one.” He also shared a video on his Instagram Story of workers unloading the bras for the photo shoot.

Some of the bras have left a significant impression on Drake. After seeing one, he humorously demanded, “36G?! Locate this woman immediately.” In response to another bra, he commented, “This is your mother’s bra that you brought to the show? Where is your mama at? You gotta send her my love. And by the way, you gotta send her my love, and you gotta tell her to get Instagram ASAP.”