Drake may or may not have just incurred a hefty fine for playing his recent Detroit tour stop way too late, but some fans have been showing up to his next It’s All A Blur stop way too early. A Twitter account called Only In Boston has posted a photo purporting that some Drake fans have pulled up to the North Station of TD Garden in order to gain access to the floor section for his show there tonight.

The venue uses a wristband system to organize entry for general access, lining fans up for the show entry according to the numbers on the wristband they acquired in the morning. So these concertgoers are more than likely only grabbing their wristbands for later, but the sight has still prompted confusion, derision, and wonderment on Twitter.

From some of the responses, it seems that the system isn’t as widely known or understood as it could be, while some of those who had already attended previous shows say it’s not worth it. Then, there are the Drake haters, who just sound a little mad that they couldn’t get tickets.

Meanwhile, Drake’s tour so far has proved eventful, as the Canadian star has been beaned with phones, announced new albums, and stoked old rivalries. You can see the remaining tour dates here.

Source: uproxx.com